31 Mar 2014

Anti-drilling sign taken down

12:16 pm on 31 March 2014

A group that looks after an island in Otago Harbour has removed an oil-drilling protest sign in order to avert court action.

The sign that has now been taken down.

The sign that has now been taken down. Photo: SUPPLIED

The Otago Regional Council had ordered the "No Drill" sign on the Quarantine Island jetty to be taken down because it regarded it as advertising.

The St Martin Island community group, which looks after the island, had appealed against the order to the Environment Court, arguing that the sign is a safety message.

Two weeks ago the court ordered the sign could stay until the court case, but the group took it down voluntarily at the weekend, because it does not have the resources to fight the case.

It says it is not giving up and will find a site for a new sign, probably on the roof of an island building.