6 Apr 2014

Seized artefacts still being processed

7:33 am on 6 April 2014

Removing a treasure trove of artefacts from a house in the United States, which includes items from New Zealand, will continue into next week, the FBI says.

US authorities raided the Indiana home of 91-year-old Donald Miller on Tuesday and confiscated thousands of items including shrunken heads, a sarcophagus, and concrete from Adolf Hitler's bunker.

FBI agents have started to take away and catalogue the items. Special Agent Wendy Osborne said the haul is overwhelming.

"There's thousands of items and we are in the process of collecting and analysing the artefacts and relics as we speak. It's an ongoing process that'll take some days."

Special Agent Osborne said the FBI is not yet identifying items that may be from New Zealand and could be returned here sometime in the future.