21 Apr 2014

Legal high bylaw for Auckland

9:52 am on 21 April 2014

From the end of next month, people will no longer be able to use legal highs in any public place in Auckland.

The bylaw will make it illegal to use the drugs in a public place in the city, even if bought from a licensed shop. It will take effect on 26 May.

Auckland deputy mayor Penny Hulse said said Auckland Council is unable to ban the substances, and has been left with very few regulatory options to deal with them.

Ms Hulse says the ban is already in place in some parts of Auckland, but not everywhere as the regions are still working on becoming a supercity.

Labour Party associate health spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway said the bylaw is an excellent idea and should be reproduced throughout New Zealand.

The sale of synthetic cannabis and some other legal highs was restricted under the Psychoactive Substances Act last year.