30 Apr 2014

Fruit and vege co-op takes off

10:07 am on 30 April 2014

A fruit and vegetable co-operative in Christchurch has grown to more than 2,000 members, and there are plans to replicate it in the Wellington region.

Every week, 2,100 members contribute $10 each to buy fruit and vegetables at wholesale prices.

Canterbury District Health Board spokesperson Dr Anna Daeth says the board helped the service to expand from one suburb to become citywide after the September 2010 earthquake.

She says people also get social interaction from the initiative.

"They really value picking up the fruit and veges in a warm environment where they get to know people, and so we're building community which in this city, we know, is really important for community resilience for recovery."

She says a community group from Porirua recently visited Christchurch and is planning to set up its own co-operative next month.