9 Jun 2014

Flood pumps likely to be removed

4:04 pm on 9 June 2014

Temporary pumps installed in Christchurch's flood-prone Flockton Basin area during the weekend could be removed on Tuesday, with the weather forecast improving.

Repeated flooding in Christchurch's flooding basin is frustrating residents.

Repeated flooding in Christchurch's flooding basin is frustrating residents. Photo: RNZ

Christchurch and Banks Peninsula were forecast to receive up to 75mm millimetres of rain, but it hasn't been as heavy as predicted.

Christchurch City Council land drainage manager Mike Gillooly said on Monday the temporary pumps were installed in the Dudley Creek area to help relieve potential flooding.

"Could benefit a few houses. We're not sure how many. It is potentially a long shot but we're in the game of trying long shots at the moment," Mr Gillooly said.

"Effectively what we're doing is just emptying the basin out and allowing it to drain quicker to one central point."

It was a good process testing the system because the set-up would be quicker next time, he said.

But Christchurch resident Tom Nisbet, who lives in the flood-prone area, said his family felt forgotten by authorities.

The council was no longer giving sand bags out for free, and he had not bought any yet.

"It's about time that they are doing stuff. I guess we'll have to see if the temporary pumps actually work. Anything they can do to even just reduce it, for the likes of us, is good."

Mr Nisbet said his garage was prepared for flooding and he would lift his belongings off the floor in his home if the rain continued.