18 Jun 2014

Farmer fined over badly injured cow

10:37 pm on 18 June 2014

A farmer has pleaded guilty to ill-treating one of his cows left in such a poor state one of its eyes was infected with maggots and it had to be put down.

The SPCA said the cow was beyond treatment.

The SPCA said the cow was beyond treatment. Photo: SUPPLIED

Anthony Joseph Schluter was fined $3000 and ordered to pay reparations of $380 at the Kaitaia District Court.

An SPCA inspector and a vet visited 75-year-old Schluter's farm near Kaitaia in February last year to inspect the cow's eye.

They found it was a mass of swollen tissue, infested with flies and maggots, and the animal was struggling to walk.

The SPCA say the cow was in extreme pain and beyond treatment.