27 Jul 2014

Waikato River kayakers rescued

10:09 pm on 27 July 2014

A police officer says a father and son whose kayaks capsized on the Waikato river on Sunday afternoon could have drowned if passing cyclists had not heard their cries for help.

Senior Sergeant Dave Litton said members of the public cycling on Maungatautari Road heard the calls and went down to investigate.

They found the men trapped on a bank in an inaccessible location.

Mr Litton said if the cyclists had not stopped, the situation could have been a lot worse.

"They've done everything right, they've heard the yells for help and they've actually gone and had a look, which is a bit of a distance from the road and looked down the cliff face to the river and realised there are some people down there that are in need of help."

Mr Litton said it was commendable that they raised the alarm straight away.

He said the men were wearing life jackets, and were picked up cold but uninjured.