4 Oct 2014

Clown Doctors receives $15,000 bequest

8:38 pm on 4 October 2014

A charity that sends clowns into hospitals says a bequest - the first it has ever received - will make a huge difference to the service it provides.

hospital bed

The Clown Doctors Charitable Trust aims to lift the spirits of sick children and the elderly. Photo: Photo NZ

The Clown Doctors Charitable Trust, which sends trained clowns to visit sick children and the elderly, got a $15,000 donation from a woman who had used the service before she died.

Its programme director Rita Noetzel said few people leave bequests in their wills in New Zealand, but they are a huge help for non-profit organisations.

She said charities generally apply for funding for specific things, but with this type of donation they can spend the money wherever it is needed.