14 Oct 2014

Being prepared 'saved lost hunter'

7:02 pm on 14 October 2014

A diabetic hunter who continuously blacked out while lost in the bush says his life was saved by certain items he had on him, and his knowledge.

Motu River

The lower Motu River. Photo: Photo NZ

Fifty-year-old Joseph Bishara got lost after splitting from his hunting group in Gisborne bush on Saturday and then fell down a ridge and hit his head, knocking himself out.

He said he woke up disoriented and kept blacking out, and at one stage fell in the Motu River.

The police said he was found sheltering in a farmer's shed yesterday.

Mr Bishara said when he goes hunting he always takes a firestarter and a torch, and those things, coupled with his knowledge of the bush, helped keep him alive.

"When I go hunting I take a few certain items - firestraters, lighters, torch, plenty of bullets and just my knowledge of the bush."

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