22 Nov 2014

Police seek more info on Kihikihi rape

10:42 am on 22 November 2014

Police in Waikato are appealing for information about four men, one of whom raped a woman in her home earlier this week.

Acting Detective Sergeant Dean Schrader said the men, who were unknown to the woman, visited her at her Kihikihi home near Te Awamutu and threatened her life and that of her young daughter, on Tuesday evening.

The men were looking for another woman who was not in the house, he said.

They left, but later returned and one of the men raped the woman.

Mr Schrader said police wanted to find a resolution as-soon-as possible.

"Obviously this is a very serious incident which is of concern to the police, it has been extremely traumatic for the victim."

Mr Schrader said the offender was wearing a Mongrel mob vest and was described as a light-skinned Maori of large build with a bulldog tattoo behind one ear and on his neck.

Police also recovered the woman's car, which was stolen on the same day, in what appeared to be an unrelated incident.