25 Nov 2014


2:50 pm on 25 November 2014

Drivers are risking close shaves as they make-up lost time in the car.

While texting remains the No.1 distraction, AA Insurance's latest Drivers' Index reveals personal grooming and current affairs are also high on people's list.

The firm asked 1000 drivers over the age of 18 to rate their top distractions. Ten percent of those surveyed admitted they had crashed while focused on something other than the road.

AA said reading, even when stuck in traffic, had joined mobile phone use as a top attention stealer.

Top 10 List of Driver Distractions

  • 1= Texting on a mobile phone and reading a newspaper or magazine
  • 2 Applying make-up, shaving or other personal grooming
  • 3 Talking on a mobile phone WITHOUT a hands-free kit
  • 4 Changing the radio/iPod/MP3 player
  • 5 Eating while driving
  • 6 Children in the car
  • 7=: Talking on a mobile phone WITH a hands-free kit & Using GPS or other navigation system
  • 8 Billboards /outdoor advertising
  • 9 People outside the car
  • 10 Passenger in the car