16 Jan 2015

Shock at guard's 'racist, homophobic tirade'

8:56 am on 16 January 2015

A passenger who says he was shocked by a racist and homophobic tirade from a security guard says transport officials did not take his complaint seriously.

Peter Kelly was at the Sylvia Park train platform two days ago and heard the guard talking to other commuters.

He said the guard said loudly he did not like Maori and Pacific Islanders and hated homosexuals and people from South Auckland.

Mr Kelly said Auckland Transport initially told him it could take nearly two weeks to respond.

"They need to look at their own processes internally because nobody at Auckland Transport was prepared to take my complaint seriously at the time and I think that's unacceptable from a council-controlled organisation.

"They did tell me that they had stern words with Armourguard, but Armourguard have not responded.

"No feedback as to whether they have provided any diversity training."

Mr Kelly Auckland Transport contacted him quickly when he spoke out publicly.

The agency said such a comment would be totally unacceptable and it told Armourguard to investigate.

Armourguard said it would speak to the guard.