8 Feb 2010

Dog that attacked woman is destroyed

3:00 pm on 8 February 2010

A Gisborne woman who spent a week in hospital after being attacked by a neighbour's dog has welcomed the decision to have the dog destroyed.

The Gisborne District Council has confirmed that the two-year-old great dane/bull mastiff cross was put down on Monday morning after a meeting with its owners.

The dog attacked the 39-year-old woman last week, leaving her with wounds to her face, neck and arm. Her injuries required surgery and she spent seven days in Gisborne Hospital.

The district council's environment and planning manager, Hans van Kregten, says he phoned the woman to tell her the dog's fate and, while she was still in shock from the attack, she was certainly happy to hear the news.

Mr van Kregten says the council wanted the dog destroyed because there was a risk of it attacking someone else in the future.

On Saturday, the police charged the woman's partner with assault and wilful damage after he went onto the property of the dog owner to complain about its barking.

The dog had been registered, microchipped and kept within a fully fenced section.