14 Apr 2015

'Stolen' Gallipoli medals found

9:14 pm on 14 April 2015

Prized Gallipoli war medals thought to have been stolen in the post en route to New Zealand have been reunited with their rightful owner.

The medals were sent via registered post from Melbourne to Dunedin in February.

But when the post bag arrived, it appeared tampered with and resealed with tape.

All the medals were gone.

Authorities believed the precious contents, including six medals, six miniature medals, a Gallipoli lapel badge, service records and photographs , had been stolen.

But today, Victoria Police said the medals had been found by Australia Post and reunited with their owner.

They had not been stolen.

The medals belong to a man who served in Gallipoli with the New Zealand Mounted Rifles.

A picture of the stolen medals.

Photo: Supplied