10 Feb 2010

NZ urged against further spending on airport security

4:05 pm on 10 February 2010

The Travel Agents Association says New Zealand officials must think carefully before following an Australian move to spend $A200 million on airport security.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the introduction of full body scans and more police and sniffer dogs on Tuesday as part of a number of anti-terrorism measures.

The plan was given impetus by the attempted an attempted bombing of a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on 25 December.

The ABC reports body scanners will be rolled out at international airports from next year to screen travellers departing from Australia.

More than $A50 million will also be spent to install cargo X-ray screening and explosive trace detection technology

Mr Rudd said that no nation can afford to be complacent when it comes to security.

However, the Travel Agents Association says caution is needed in New Zealand.

A spokesperson for Associate Minister of Transport Nathan Guy says New Zealand has a different risk profile to Australia and there are no immediate plans for additional aviation security measures.