5 May 2015

Response over surgeon correct - Medical Council

4:36 pm on 5 May 2015

The Medical Council says appropriate steps were taken when concerns were raised about a surgeon's competence.

The Health and Disability Commissioner says a surgeon employed by the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board in 2012 made serious errors in the care of an elderly man who died on the operating table.

The surgeon was not named by the commissioner or the DHB, but Radio New Zealand understood it was Michael Parry.

The council also would not name the doctor today or comment on specifics, as further action may be pending.

The council's chairman Andrew Connolly said the response was right.

"When concerns were raised the appropriate organisations kicked into gear.

"So I think HDC have done a very thorough investigation, they've worked very closely with the Medical Council and with the DHB which is what we expect to happen in every instance where there is a serious concern raised."