8 May 2015

NZ life expectancy rising

1:02 pm on 8 May 2015

New Zealanders can expect to live for as much as year and a half longer than in 2005.

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On average a baby girl can expect to live to about 83 and a boy to over 79 years. Photo: SUPPLIED / 123rf

The latest life expectancy figures, from Statistics New Zealand, are based on death rates from 2012 and 2014.

A baby girl born in the past two years can expect to live to 83.2 years - one year longer than those born in 2005.

Baby boys will live to an average of 79.5 years, but the gap between the sexes is narrowing.

Non-Maori are still expected to live longer than Maori by 7.1 years but that divide is also being reduced. The gap was 8.2 years in 2005-2007.

Statistics New Zealand says the disparity is due to several factors including socio-economic differences and smoking rates.

[Read the full Statistics New Zealand report http://www.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/health/life_expectancy/NZLifeTables_HOTP12-14.aspx] here]