24 May 2015

Need to streamline vaccine info - expert

1:31 pm on 24 May 2015

The head of the Immunisation Advisory Centre wants national guidelines put in place to help streamline vaccination information given to pregnant woman.

A pregnant woman goes through an ultrasound.

Photo: 123rf

Dr Nikki Turner said during the most recent whooping cough epidemic, four infants, who were too young to be fully immunised, died.

She said it was now recommended pregnant women get the whooping cough, or pertussis vaccine, which allows them to pass on protection to their child.

Dr Turner said, overall, complaints about misinformation in the antenatal sector were down, but there was a lack of understanding about the use of vaccines in pregnancy.

"I think there would be an advantage in us all having some national guidelines around this issue so that we all consistently understand the recent evidence base for the strengths of it and how useful it can be for pregnant women."