16 Jul 2008

Hunting and fishing numbers rise

3:38 pm on 16 July 2008

High food and fuel prices are motivating more people to bolster their food supplies by hunting and fishing.

The Deerstalkers Association says all its regional branch reports show more people are hunting wild game for the freezer as opposed to a trophy.

Fish & Game New Zealand says licence numbers have increased by about 2% this year.

The Recreational Fishing Council also says more people, particularly in low socio-economic areas, are going fishing.

Council president Keith Ingram says people are pooling their resources, sharing the cost of fuel and going for the big catch.

Some fish prices - including snapper - are now more than $30/kg.

The Food Safety Authority advises people to be careful when gathering shellfish - particularly in areas which might be have been subject to heavy rain and flooding

It also says people should be aware of possible poisons in the bush associated with possum control.