12 Jun 2015

Crown closes in Cissy Chen murder trial

5:33 pm on 12 June 2015

The Crown says Cissy Chen was murdered by her long-time partner, who she was about to cut from her will.

Yun Qing Liu, charged with the murder of accountant Cissy Chen

Yun Qing Liu is charged with the murder of Cissy Chen. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

But a lawyer for Yun Qing Liu said Ms Chen was his client's 'goose that laid the golden egg' and he had no reason to kill her.

Today, the jurors deciding the case heard closing arguments from both sides in the trial, which is now in its sixth week.

Crown prosecutor Brian Dickey said neighbours of the couple in Torbay on Auckland's North Shore said they heard loud arguments.

On one occasion, one of the neighbours thought they heard plates being thrown.

Mr Dickey said the day before Cissy disappeared on 5 November 2012, the couple had a fight about money.

The following day, Cissy called her friend asking for the details of a lawyer so she could rewrite her will and ensure her assets would go to her own family.

Mr Dickey also pointed out that Cissy was found in a reserve, just 100 metres from where the couple used to live.

He also spoke of CCTV footage from the night Cissy disappeared, which he said showed Mr Liu driving south from his home not north as he later told police.

Mr Dickey said Mr Liu was not out searching for his wife that night, he had her in the boot of his car and was on his way to dump her body.

He said Mr Liu's explanation was another example of one of the "whopping" big lies that he told to police.

Mr Liu said Cissy had gone for a walk sometime after 5pm and she had not come home.

But a phone call made from the couple's house to Cissy's brother at 7.15pm couldn't be explained.

He said when Mr Liu learned of the existence of the phone call, he changed his story and said he made the call.

The Crown said it was Cissy, which makes a lie of Mr Liu's version of events.

But Mr Liu's lawyer Michael Kan told the jurors the Crown's case was 100 percent circumstantial.

He compared the Crown's case to a castle being built on a beach. He said as the tide came in, it would fall to pieces.

Mr Kan said Mr Liu earned a similar wage as Cissy and the pair had an enterprise together that involved buying up houses, renovating them and selling them.

He said Cissy was Mr Liu's 'goose that laid the golden egg' and he had no reason to kill her.

He also pointed out Mr Liu only had an injury to his hand and Cissy would've fought back.

Mr Kan said there was also no forensic evidence in the couple's cars or the house.

Justice Katz is due to sum up the case to the jury on Monday before they retire to consider their verdict.