19 Jun 2015

Police Association defends speeding tickets

3:46 pm on 19 June 2015

The Police Association is defending officers after it was revealed that more than 1,000 speeding tickets were issued to the drivers of police cars last year.

Police car in Auckland.

More than 1,000 speeding tickets were issued to drivers of police cars. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Official Information Act figures showed more than half of those tickets were waived because the speed was deemed to be legitimate.

President of the Police Association Greg O'Connor said more tickets could be waived.

"Police are extremely hard on their own. We believe that more could be waived, but police, [who] are very conscious of being criticised and being exposed on this, take a very hard line.

"Those who are waiting for police to arrive will be very forgiving," he said.

Superintendent Steve Greally said tickets were often waived because officers were quickly responding to a callout.

He also said the tickets needed to be considered in terms of the number of police staff who drive vehicles.

"When you put it into context and we've got 12,000 employees who are driving 85 - 90 million km a year"

"You have people involved in any equation, there are going to be mistakes made."

However, Mr Greally said it was disappointing that so many police drivers had been ticketed.

"I've said it before that given that we are charged with changing the conversation on speed, it is disappointing when our officers exceed the speed limit."

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