2 Jul 2015

Refugees still pleading for NZ help

8:05 am on 2 July 2015

One of a group of refugees being detained in Indonesia after trying to sail to New Zealand is still pleading for help from the Government.

The refugees who have asked New Zealand for help.

The refugees who have asked for New Zealand help. Photo: Supplied

Nazmul Hassan, from Bangladesh, revealed Australian officials paid thousands of dollars to the captain and crew of their boat to turn back.

The story made international headlines as the Australian government came under pressure over the payments.

Mr Hassan told Morning Report it was no longer safe for them to go home, they could not go to Australia and they did not want to be in Indonesia.

He said he had sent a request to the New Zealand embassy.

"Give us just a chance for resettlement there and for a safe and peaceful life for us.

"We request that. After that we don't get any reply."

Mr Hassan said their situation was difficult and they did not know what was in their future.

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