14 Jul 2015

Elderly urged to apply for Akl rates rebates

5:28 pm on 14 July 2015

A lobby group for the elderly is urging them to apply for rates rebates and postponements from the Auckland Council.

A database showing Aucklanders how much their rates will be, goes live at midnight tonight.

Ten thousand households face increases of more than $1000 dollars a year. The average residential rates rise is 9.9 percent.

The Auckland Council said people who could not afford their rates should apply to get help.

But the head of GreyPower for Counties Manukau, John Ballantyne, said many elderly people assume they would not be eligible.

"I think elderly people will be a bit disappointed. Len [Brown] promised that the rates wouldn't be above two-and-a-half percent and they keep rising and rising."

Mr Ballantyne said many elderly people were thinking of moving out of Auckland.