'No one to blame' for soldier's death

4:00 pm on 21 July 2015

An investigation into the death of a foreign soldier in Palmerston North has taken four years to find that he died of natural causes with no one to blame.

Corporal Keith Yaolase was on a six month deployment to Linton Military Camp from the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, when he collapsed and later died after an exercise in February 2011.

The coroner's report said the 39-year-old had just finished an hour's exercise.

Soldiers found he had a faint erratic pulse, at one point stopped breathing, then went rigid.

The coroner's report said paramedics took 20 minutes to arrive at the camp.

He was taken to the hospital's intensive care unit but never regained consciousness and died nine days later.

Coroner Carla Nagara said the ambulance had trouble finding the camp but signs had since been installed.

She also said there was a delay in finding Corporal Yaolase's medical records.

Both matters have been addressed.