2 Aug 2008

Owner worried about kleptomaniac cat

12:27 pm on 2 August 2008

The owner of a Timaru cat that's been stealing neighbour's possessions for years, is concerned for his safety following a threat to harm the animal.

Sharon Cumming says Tigger has been stealing things - ranging from lingerie to bedsheets and sheepskin rugs - for most of his life.

"He did bring home an extremely large pair of washed-out green bloomers one day - that was the funniest thing he's brought home.

"It just seems to be such a wide diverse group of things, and if he brings things like socks he usually brings them in pairs."

Sharon Cumming says Tigger's antics amuse most people but one neighbour has suggested she might harm him if the stealing continues.

She suspects her own phobia of birds may have prompted her 12-year-old cat not to hunt in the usual manner.