14 Aug 2015

Kiwis keep pace in epic horse race

10:28 am on 14 August 2015

Four New Zealanders have finished in the top 10 of one of the world's most gruelling horse races - the Mongol Derby.

Braden Cameron at the finish line

Braden Cameron at the finish line. Photo: theadventurists.com

Ben Wilks came third in the race, while Maxim Van Lierde, Braden Cameron and Patrick Sells finished in the top seven.

The annual equestrian endurance race lasts for ten days and extends over 1000 kilometres, with riders changing horse every 40 km.

It was won overnight on Tuesday, on the seventh day, by Byeronie Epstein from South Africa. She was closely followed by Elise Potrinal from France.

The weather on the course changed dramatically from the first half of the race and the medical crew went from treating heat stroke to mild hypothermia.

Ben Wilks and Maxim van Lierde.

Ben Wilks and Maxim van Lierde on Day 6 of the race. Photo: SUPPLIED

The Mongol Derby traces the route Genghis Khan built in 1224 to create the world's first long distance postal service.

The route existed until 1949 when it was shut down by the Soviet Union.