21 Aug 2015

Immigration 'told teen student she had no rights'

10:08 am on 21 August 2015

An international student about to be deported for bringing too many cigarettes into the country was told she had no human rights, her lawyer says.

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The teenager was stopped at Auckland airport. Photo: RNZ / Todd Niall

The teenager's lawyer, Frank Deliu, said she was stopped when she arrived in New Zealand last week, fined and problems with her visa were discovered.

Mr Deliu said the most disturbing thing was that when a legal representative turned up at Auckland airport, a customs official denied him access, saying she had no rights.

"I've been doing immigration law for many years, I've done hundreds and hundreds of cases, I've never actually had them bluntly say that a human being has no rights, so it's really quite outrageous."

Frank Deliu said a High Court judge has halted the deportation for now, with a judicial review due to be heard next month.

Immigration New Zealand said it was unable to comment as the case is before the court.