10 Aug 2008

Ultimatum issued over pets in pensioner flats

7:35 am on 10 August 2008

A Wanganui pensioner who knows she has broken the rules by keeping a dog in her council flat, says she she hasn't the heart to turn her pet away.

Wanganui District Council has written to Enid Titter, 80, and another pensioner, warning them that either their dogs go, or they do.

Mrs Titter's grandchildren have started a petition to keep the pets. It has attracted more than 600 signatures in just over a week and was signed by two city councillors.

She says she will abide by the council's ruling, but it's worth a try to change the rules.

Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws says the policy about not allowing pets in council flats, is because most residents find pets a nuisance.

He told Morning Report an overwhelming majority of residents say they don't want dogs in the flats. However, Mr Laws said the council will discuss the petition.