Hardcore tax evaders refuse to comply - IRD

10:24 am on 30 August 2015

A carpet layer found guilty of not paying taxes for the second time in six years is one of a number of hardcore tax evaders who refuse to comply with tax law.

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Inland Revenue (IRD) said the number of serious tax evaders had not dropped, despite active campaigning against it.

Last week, the Auckland carpet layer was sentenced to 10 months home detention after racking up a tax bill of more than $440,000.

Figures from the IRD show an average of 80 people have been prosecuted each year since 2009, despite more people now seeing tax avoidance as a crime.

IRD investigations manager Patrick Goggin said with more education and community engagement, there was now more compliance.

But he said the number of prosecutions had not decreased, because of a hardcore group who deliberately chose not to comply.

Sonny Te Kanawa Walker - the convicted tradesman - had been under IRD watch for six years.

Mr Goggin said Walker failed to learn any lessons from his first conviction on similar charges.

He said the tradesman's actions were inexcusable, as there was no way he did not understand his responsibility to file returns and pay tax.