7 Sep 2015

Coroner calls for 4WD training on river crossings

3:48 pm on 7 September 2015

A drowning has prompted the Coroner to call for 4WD enthusiasts to join clubs to get training in safe river crossings.


Photo: 123rtf.com

A 24-year-old Christchurch bricklayer, Jeremy Brons, drowned trying to cross a West Coast river after his truck got stuck.

Mr Brons was one of three people stranded in a four-wheel-drive truck when it got lodged on a boulder in the Upper Grey River.

After failed rescue attempts by other members of the group, Mr Brons decided to wade across the fast-flowing river with a rope attached to the truck, and tied around his waist.

He was dragged downstream until the 30-metre rope became taut and snapped off.

His body was found a kilometre downstream the next day.

The Coroner said the death highlighted the benefits of four-wheel drive enthusiasts being members of a club so they received practical training.