'Johnny Danger' fined for car surfing on taxi

6:47 pm on 9 September 2015

The man who climbed on the roof of a taxi as it drove over Auckland's Harbour Bridge has been fined and disqualified from driving.

Johnny Bennett - aka Johnny Danger - in court for car surfing on a taxi over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Johnny Bennett - aka Johnny Danger - in court for car surfing on a taxi over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Photo: RNZ / Mohamed Hassan

Johnny Bennett, who calls himself Johnny Danger, appeared at the North Shore District Court today where he was sentenced for criminal nuisance.

Johnny Bennett was found guilty of criminal nuisance for car-surfing over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Footage of the stunt on social media Photo: Instagram / Johnny Bennett

Bennett climbed onto the roof of a taxi as it travelled over the bridge in March 2013 and one of his friends filmed the stunt.

The video was then uploaded to social media by Mr Bennett and was seen by police.

Judge Lawrence Hinton told Bennett he had put himself and other road users in danger.

Outside court he played up in front of reporters.

"I was a bit disappointed the taxi driver didn't get disqualified as well ... I don't know... He was a bit smelly as well, he was half the reason I jumped out," he said.

A short time later he pretended to climb on to the roof of a car before leaving the courthouse carpark.

His trial in May heard Bennett had been drinking with friends in town when they caught a taxi north of Auckland to Silverdale as the taxi crossed the Harbour Bridge at about 80km/hr, Bennett climbed out on to the roof.

Judge Lawrence Hinton said Bennett got onto the roof and went up onto his knees before spreading out. He said Bennett was proud of what he had done.

Judge Hinton said Bennett's actions could have had catastrophic consequences and not only put himself in danger but also other motorway users.

Judge Hinton also took lawyers for defence and police by surprise when he suggested Bennett be disqualified from driving.

He said even though Bennett himself was not driving, the offending did involve a car.

While the police called for a clear message to be sent to others, Judge Hinton said the probation service report showed Bennett had learned his lesson.

The judge said Bennett was about to travel overseas with his boss and hoped to get a heavy traffic license when he returned

When Bennett was found guilty last month, he told Radio New Zealand he hoped his car surfing would spark a career as a stuntman. Bennett is currently working in construction.