Watch out for this feisty kiwi chick

11:48 am on 14 September 2015

He's furry, feisty and has very large feet. Say hello to the country's newest kiwi.

The male chick arrived just before lunchtime on Saturday at the Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua, weighing in at 346 grammes.

Kiwi Encounter husbandry manager Claire Travis said the chick was lively and fluffy, with big feet.

"Because the hatch can take up to five days, sometimes they're a bit tired, they just need to sleep - like all new babies do - but this guy, he's quite feisty, quite alert, he likes to know what's going on and when you take him out of the incubator, he's certainly quite wriggley.

Ms Travis said the chick had a sibling, which was getting close to hatching as well.

The chick's dad is from Tongariro and is called Little Moa.

The new male Kiwi chick at Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua

The new male Kiwi chick at Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua Photo: Supplied: Rainbow Springs

Kiwi Encounter is New Zealand's largest hatchery for brown kiwi and currently there are 17 eggs in incubation that have been brought in from around the North Island.

The new arrival is the first chick of the hatching season for Rainbow Springs.

The team raises the chicks to a 'stoat-proof' weight of 1kg before relasing them back into the wild.

Rainbow Springs has hatched and nurtured more than 1450 eggs since 1995 when it first became involved in the Save the Kiwi recovery programme and this season will welcome its 1500th kiwi chick.

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