19 Sep 2015

Union seeks zero hour contract assurances

7:58 am on 19 September 2015

A union representing workers in fast food outlets wants assurances from pizza chain Domino's that it is not using zero hour contracts to employ its staff.

Dominoes Pizza sign

Photo: AFP

The Unite Union says it has written to Domino's Pizza asking for a meeting about it how employs people.

Zero hour contracts require workers to be available for work, but without any guaranteed hours of work.

Radio New Zealand asked Domino's if it guaranteed its workers hours each week, but it refused to respond.

A Domino's spokesperson said there were more than 90 stores across the country and it was difficult to keep tabs on every franchise owner.

The spokesperson said the company had accepted Unite's invitation for a meeting.

Unite's national secretary Gerard Hehir said this was a good first step.

"Unless we actually look at the individual employment agreements it's hard to say what guarantee of hours they have or don't have.

"We've had a number of people to us with their agreements to show us what they have - a lot of those have raised a lot of concerns it's fair to say," he said.

Mr Hehir said the union wants to clarify how widespread these contracts are and whether any changes are going to be made.

New employment legislation, which includes provisions for zero hour contracts, was tabled in Parliament last month.

The Bill seeks to prohibit certain practices.

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