5 Oct 2015

Scilly police: 'I would like someone to cheer for.'

3:30 pm on 5 October 2015

The head of the Scilly Isles Police team - who has gained a world-wide following with his amusing blogs about island life - has made a light-hearted plea to live in New Zealand, so he has someone to support at the Rugby World Cup

Sergeant Colin Taylor - Scilly Isles police - with the William Webb Ellis Cup

Sergeant Colin Taylor - Scilly Isles police - with the William Webb Ellis Cup Photo: Facebook

Sergeant Colin Taylor's Facebook page has almost 50,000 followers for his observations about life and work on the isles of Scilly - an archipelago 45 kilometres off the coast of Cornwall, with just over 2,000 residents,

After speaking to Radio New Zealand's Kathryn Ryan last week, Sergeant Colin Taylor has now posted an open letter to Prime Minister John Key, asking if he can come live in our "wonderful country", after England failed to make the play-offs in this year's Rugby World Cup.

"You will see that I already wear a flattering All Black uniform and like your Rugby Team am closer to the Webb Ellis Trophy than England is. I would like someone to cheer for.

"In giddy, excited anticipation of you approving my move I am considering introducing a Haka for my team to psych them up every morning before hitting the mean streets here on Scilly ticketing cars on Yellow Lines."

Sgt Taylor referenced his Nine To Noon interview, and said it was "evident that we have much in common with an island vibe thing going on".

"I had had former aspirations to go to Australia but Meh! I'm not that taken by it now."

However, in the comments, he was reminded that it was almost cricket season, and he decided that Australia might be a better option after all.

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Photo: Facebook