13 Mar 2010

Industry groups support tertiary funding change

8:59 am on 13 March 2010

Employment organisations say a change to funding tertiary institutions partly on student performance will result in a better qualified workforce.

The Government plans to link up to 10% of funding to students' performance.

The Labour Party fears that will end up lowering academic standards, because of pressure on staff to have students pass.

The Industry Training Federation disagrees, saying the change would result in a better qualified workforce, and it questions the relevance of some qualifications.

The Hospitality Association and the Registered Master Builders Federation also support the Government's plans.

Shutting doors - Greens

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says the Government's changes to tertiary education will shut the university doors to Maori.

Ms Turei, who gained a law degree as an adult student, told Waatea News the school system has failed many Maori and university is a way they can recover.

She says the changes will reduce the places for second chance students.

Ms Turei says the Government seems to want to disadvantage the poor and Maori.