22 Aug 2008

Fishing boat too badly damaged to be saved

12:41 pm on 22 August 2008

A wooden-hulled fishing boat that ran aground on 90 Mile Beach has been carted off in pieces.

The Kumea Two was on its side in the surf off Waipapakauri on Monday, after it began taking on water at sea and the crew abandoned ship.

There were hopes it could be saved after all the fuel was pumped off the vessel.

But once the Kumea Two was dragged up the beach, harbourmaster Ian Niblock says it was obvious it was too badly damaged.

He says the hull was broken up by diggers and trucked away.

Captain Niblock says it was a sad end for an old boat, but it's a testament to the skill of the boat builders that it stayed in one piece, despite the rough seas.