25 Oct 2015

'Seven' the Kiwi chick hatches

7:51 am on 25 October 2015

A kiwi chick has acquired an unusual name after hatching just in time for the Rugby World Cup semi-final.

'Seven' the kiwi chick hatches

'Seven' the kiwi chick hatches Photo: SUPPLED

The chick hatched in Rotorua at Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter yesterday and has been named 'Seven' as a tribute to the All-Blacks seventh Rugby World Cup semi-final.

Seven is from Tongariro and weighed in at 365.6g.

The kiwi chick will be joined by another in the next couple of days, taking this hatching season's tally to 44.

The chick joins other recent arrivals with similiar themed names such as Retallick, Savier and Twickenham.