13 Mar 2010

Waihopai defendant also protested at Pine Gap

7:19 pm on 13 March 2010

One of the men charged over an attack on the Waihopai spy base in 2008 has told a jury he also joined in protest action at the Pine Gap spy base in Australia in 2006.

Sam Land is before the Wellington District Court, along with Father Peter Murnane and Adrian Leason, on charges of intentional damage and entering a property with intent to commit a crime.

Sam Land said while at Pine Gap he learnt that citizens had the right to take action against corrupt powers which abuse their position.

He said that affected him very deeply, as did meeting people from around the world who'd been involved in other anti-war actions, such as damaging war planes.

Mr Land said he'd also read about international law and the Geneva Convention and that led him to believe the US invasion of Iraq was an illegal occupation.