29 Aug 2008

Eastbourne house threatened by slip

4:59 pm on 29 August 2008

A house in the Lower Hutt suburb of Eastbourne is no longer in danger after a landslip early on Friday.

However, the family will not be allowed back into their house until engineers have carried out a full asssessment.

Geoff Stuart from Hutt City Council says a boulder sitting about 40 metres above the house has been removed.

He says a team of abseilers dislodged the 3 cu m rock on Friday afternoon, breaking it into four parts.

The family was forced to evacuate their home about 5.30am after a boulder, along with earth and debris, hit part of the house.

Marine Drive at Sunshine Bay is still down to one lane of traffic.

Police are advising residents not to leave the area on Friday unless it is essential.