16 Mar 2010

Academic criticises use of marae as youth courts

6:08 am on 16 March 2010

The author of a ground-breaking report on Maori justice is challenging the use of marae for youth court sittings.

So far sittings have been held at Te Poho o Rawiri marae in Gisborne; Manurewa marae in South Auckland; and West Auckland marae Hoani Waititi marae, which Prime Minister John Key launched last week as a youth court.

Moana Jackson, who wrote Maori and the Criminal Justice System, told Waatea News Maori should beware of taking elements of the Pakeha justice system and transposing them straight into a Maori environment.

He says it fails to consider the broader place of maraes in Maori culture, and the effects using maraes for youth justice might have on rangatahi (youth).