Women led husband 'like lamb to slaughter' - Crown

7:04 pm on 8 December 2015

Murder-accused Amandeep Kaur led her husband like a lamb to the slaughter, the Crown has told the High Court in Auckland.

Mrs Kaur and her lover Gurjinder Singh are on trial charged with the murder of Davender Singh, Ms Kaur's husband.

Each blames the other for the murder of Davender Singh who was fatally stabbed in his car as he sat on a busy South Auckland road.

Today in her closing address, Crown prosecutor Natalie Walker said it was a calculated murder.

Amandeep Kaur (left) sitting in the dock at the Auckland High Court with a translator (right).

Amandeep Kaur (left) sitting in the dock at the Auckland High Court with a translator (right). Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

"Members of the jury, this was calculated, callous, premeditated murder done for love but when it all unravelled they turned on each other. Nothing good can come from murder."

The Crown's case is that they both planned the murder and were involved in the killing.

After four weeks and 51 witnesses, Ms Walker said the evidence showed the pair planned where, when and how to murder Davender Singh.

She said the pair began having an affair after meeting at a plastics factory, where they worked as fork lift drivers.

They sent over 1000 text messages to each other and met for sex at a local motel. But when the affair was discovered, they stopped all phone contact and wrote each other notes.

Ms Walker said it is these notes that show the planning of the murder.

She said there was a striking resemblance between what was included in the notes and what actually happened.

Ms Walker said the pair discussed how to avoid police and where there would be no CCTV cameras.

She said it was extremely unlikely that either Ms Kaur or Gurjinder Singh acted on their own.

The Crown's case is that Ms Kaur held her husband down while Gurjinder Singh inflicted the fatal injuries which included cutting Davender Singh's throat and partially decapitating him.

Ms Walker said scratches on Ms Kaur's neck were inflicted as Davender Singh tried to free himself. The prosecutor also pointed out that Ms Kaur waited two minutes before calling for help and that instead of calling an ambulance, she phoned her husband's cousin.

Ms Walker said that showed that Ms Kaur did not want to save her husband but instead wanted to give Gurjinder Singh a chance to get away.

She said Ms Kaur also made up a story of a robbery which she told to no fewer than 10 people, including ambulance and police first on the scene.

Her story only changed after police produced CCTV footage showing the killer leaving in a car - not on foot as she said.

Ms Walker said thanks to brilliant questioning by police, Ms Kaur soon pointed the finger at Gurjinder Singh.

She said when police searched Gurjinder Singh's garage, they found a suitcase with bloody clothing and a knife inside.

Gurjinder Singh also made admissions to the police.

He said Ms Kaur had held her husband's hands down while he cut.

Gurjinder Singh later changed his story in court, but Ms Walker said that change of story was a lie.

There was also evidence he cut his thumb at the scene because his blood was found on the road, close to Davender Singh's car and not at work as he told the court.

Tomorrow the jurors will hear from the defence.

Justice Lang reminded the jurors that they had only heard one side of the case.

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