11 Sep 2008

Winston Peters' evidence at committee leads papers

8:11 am on 11 September 2008

Winston Peters' appearance at Parliament's privileges committee leads all four metropolitan papers on Thursday.

The New Zealand Herald says Mr Peters is making it clear he won't go down without a fight. Helen Clark is said to be ready to sack her Foreign Minister if her deputy Michael Cullen, who sits on the committee recommends it. In a front page column, John Armstrong asks "has Mr Peters done enough to get himself off the hook?" and replies "probably not".

The Dominion Post says Mr Peters' political future rests on whether his lawyer can convince Miss Clark that he is telling the truth. But Labour Party president Mike Williams says businessman Owen Glenn is sour because he wanted the job of consul in Monaco for tax reasons.

The lead in the Press says Mr Peters has again denied seeking money from Mr Glenn, putting the pressure on Miss Clark to decide who she believes. And the paper says Mr Glenn is firing shots at Mike Williams who he calls "an unmitigated falsifier of veracity".

The Otago Daily Times reports Mr Peters accuses Mr Glenn of being coached by lawyer Geoff Harley, who represented Fay Richwhite at the Winebox inquiry.