24 Dec 2015

'No one told us what was happening'

8:05 pm on 24 December 2015

A man who was among the first New Zealanders deported from Australia after the Christmas Island riots says he doesn't know why he was removed so swiftly.

Christmas Island Detention Centre

Photo: Wikicommons

Australian authorities labelled Czarion Strang a ring-leader in the unrest and moved him from the island to a prison in Perth.

Mr Strang said he expected to be charged, but after he signed papers saying he was willing to be deported, he was quickly put a plane to New Zealand and no charges were laid.

He told Checkpoint he did not understand why that happened so quickly.

"No one really told why we were in prison or what was happening. I feel it wasn't right that we were taken into prison and accused of being ringleaders of the riot - they didn't have much proof or evidence that we were even involved in the riot."

Mr Strang said he was trying to stay mentally strong, despite being separated from his family.

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