1 Jan 2016

Supermarket manager role unskilled - tribunal

11:50 am on 1 January 2016

An Indian man has lost an appeal for residency because a government tribunal has determined his job as a Pak'n'Save duty manager is not skilled.

Cody Pahuru stocking up the shelves at Pak n Save

A Pak'n'Save manager's job has been deemed unskilled. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

The unnamed man, who has lived and studied in New Zealand since 2010, unsuccessfully applied for residency under the skilled migrant category.

His appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal has also now been rejected.

The 25-year-old is fluent in English, has a business diploma and says he is well-settled.

He started working at Pak'n'Save as a student and has been gradually given more responsibilities over the past five years.

As a duty manager, those responsibilities include staff management, food safety and health and safety.

In his application, the store director described him as the owner's "eyes and ears".

The job of retail manager is categorised as skilled, but the man was told he did not fit certain requirements.

"He is good at what he does, hard-working, and valued by his employer," said the Tribunal.

"However, the employer's desire to continue employing him, together with the appellant's desire to continue to work for him, are not in themselves uncommon."

The Tribunal will not ask Immigration Minister, Michael Woodhouse to consider an exception.

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