10 Jan 2016

Kiwi third at Australian Elvis contest

9:07 am on 10 January 2016

A New Zealander has come third at one of the world's largest Elvis tribute competitions, in the New South Wales town of Parkes.

Brendon Chase

Brendon Chase Photo: Facebook / Brendon Chase

Timed to coincide with Presley's birthday, the Parkes Elvis Festival includes a competition to find the best impersonation of the King.

The impersonators compete for the chance to represent Australia at the Ultimate Elvis Presley Tribute Concert in Memphis.

About 20,000 people have descended on the small town of Parkes, six hours out of Sydney, for the event tripling its population.

About 20,000 people are in the small NSW town of Parkes for the event.

About 20,000 people are in the small NSW town of Parkes for the event. Photo: Facebook / Brendon Chase

This year's winner was 24-year-old Australian Jack Gatto, and Aucklander Brendon Chase was left musing on what might have been if he had not forgotten some of the lyrics.

"In my final I sung My Way in a brand new suit, and I must admit the pressure is immense, it got to me, I forgot a few words and I think the judges picked up on that and you can't forget anything, you can't forget anything at all, you know you've got to be spot on and that probably put me into third place."

Mr Chase said Parkes comes alive with a concert on every corner during the five-day festival, which ends today.