13 Jan 2016

Jason Gunn breaks back in wheelie bin mishap

2:41 pm on 13 January 2016

Entertainer Jason Gunn had a rubbish Tuesday, breaking his back while taking out his wheelie bin.

Jason Gunn in hospital bed

Jason Gunn in his hospital bed Photo: Facebook

The children's show host-turned radio DJ said today that he fractured two vertebrae yesterday after standing on top of his rubbish in an attempt to squash it down.

In a video post on his Facebook page, Gunn said he had no problem getting into the bin but "the dismount was just shocking".

"Badly landed on my, I think, arse, is the word."

Gunn had been to both Invercargill and Queenstown hospital, he said.

However, the fall hasn't broken his sense of humour - he declared himself rather taken with his new back brace.

"I feel like Robocop and I get to keep it. Halloween? I'm all sorted."