Teacher's 'moment of madness'

2:42 pm on 19 January 2016

A teacher who shook his baby so badly it suffered a brain bleed has been allowed to return to teaching.

Students away from a classroom, which is filled with empty school desks.

Photo: 123RF

The Education Council's Disciplinary Tribunal has censured the man, who was convicted in December 2014 of injuring with reckless disregard.

He was sentenced to two months home detention.

The Tribunal said the man acted in a moment of madness and it was certain he would not repeat his behaviour.

The Tribunal's decision said the man's son had not suffered any long-term harm and the teacher immediately sought help for his son and admitted what had happened.

The Tribunal's decision said the incident happened in May 2014. The man was looking after his three-year-old and six-month-old sons while his wife, also a teacher, worked.

The six-month-old was crying and refusing to feed.

"The defendant, out of frustration, lost his self-control. He picked the victim up with both hands, raising the victim above his head.

"He then began shaking the victim with enough force to cause the victim's body to stiffen before flopping into unconsciousness."

The man sought help, and the child was found to have suffered a brain bleed.

The tribunal suppressed publication of the man's name but has required him to inform prospective employers of his conviction for the next three years.

It said it had taken account of the man's background, acceptance of full responsibility for his actions and the extreme consequences for him and his family.