26 Jan 2016

How to sleep when it's hot

2:47 pm on 26 January 2016

As temperatures soared to 30°C and above around parts of the country yesterday, sleeping in the sweltering humidity became a problem for many.

Forecasters are predicting more of the same weather all week.

How can you avoid sleep deprivation as the heat continues?

Cooling down at night is part of basic human physiology, Dr Alex Bartle from the Sleepwell Clinic told Morning Report.

"Try and keep the bedroom as cool as possible in the day, if it's going to be a hot day shut the curtains, close the doors and keep the room as cool as when you woke up in the morning."

At night open windows and doors when the lights are out so you don't get lots of bugs coming in, he advised.

If the bedroom faces west, close the curtains when you get home from work to keep out the late afternoon sun.

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Circulating air is the key to keeping the bedroom comfortable, he said, and a simple, cheap fan does the job, plus delivers some helpful noise.

"A little bit of white noise helps us go to sleep as well."

Ensure you're only lightly clad and lose the blanket, he said.

Children can quickly overheat, with the ideal bedroom temperature for a child being 18°C-20°C. For an adult it is 15°C-18°C.