16 Feb 2016

Where did killer dad hide son's body?

10:11 am on 16 February 2016

Aaron Roigard's friend is appealing to his killer to reveal where his body is so he can be properly laid to rest.

Aaron's father, David Roigard, was yesterday sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 19 years for killing the 27-year-old.

David Roigard at his sentencing at the High Court in New Plymouth.

David Roigard will spend at least 19 years in prison. Photo: Pool photo

He had been found guilty of murder by a jury in the High Court in New Plymouth after a five-week trial late last year.

The 51-year-old was also found guilty of eight charges of theft in a special relationship.

Sentencing him yesterday, Justice Heath described Roigard as cruel, callous and cunning.

His son's body has never been found.

Aaron Roigard

Aaron Roigard's body has never been found. Photo: SUPPLIED

Aaron's friend, Andrew Wright was in court for the sentencing.

He told Morning Report today he wanted the convicted man to reveal the whereabouts of his son's body.

"Just tell us where Aaron Roigard is, and let us have him for a funeral, and give him his dignity back. That's all everyone wants.

"He's in jail," Mr Wright said of David Roigard. "He's got his punishment, but he's leaving us punished outside."

Aaron was a kind, gentle person who would not hurt anyone.

"He wasn't a fighter. Cared about his family, cared about his friends.

"He was pretty much one of a kind really."

The police are vowing not to give up in their efforts to find the body.

Detective Senior Sergeant Blair Burnett said while he had promised to return Aaron's body to his partner for a dignified farewell, it was becoming a harder promise to fulfill, but he would not give up.

"As time goes by, to be honest, I become less and less positive.

"It's more and more difficult in the passage of time to find somebody especially in the ruggedness of south Taranaki and Mt Egmont.

Mr Burnett said finding the location was only likely to happen if David Roigard gave up his secret or if someone else knew and came forward.

Andrew Wright, a friend of murdered Aaron Roigard's, outside the High Court in New Plymouth.

Mark Wright wants his friend's body found. Photo: RNZ / Andrew McRae