1 Apr 2010

Businessman jailed for attempted murder

12:20 am on 1 April 2010

An Auckland businessman has been sentenced to five years and 11 months prison for the attempted murder of his former business partner during a home invasion attack.

Martin Victor Lyttelton, 51, pleaded guilty to the charge after attacking Richard and Colleen Ord with a gun and knife in their North Shore home in 2008.

Lyttelton also admitted causing grievous bodily harm and aggravated burglary during the attack.

Lyttelton will also concurrently serve three years for aggravated burglary and nearly five years for intent to injure Mr Ord's wife, Colleen Ord.

Outside court on Wednesday, Mr Ord said the sentences should have been cumulative, saying he and his wife are still fearful in their own home.

During sentencing, the Crown's lawyer told the court that Lyttelton's offending was the result of an on-going fractured business relationship with Mr Ord.

However, Lyttelton's lawyer stated his client's actions were prompted not by a desire for revenge but by a disordered mind.